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If you have any questions concerning your ice requirements please call us at 1-800-858-2423!

Trailer Trailer Trailer

21 lb. Bag of Mini Cubes

The 21-Pound bag is the largest bag sold by Luc Ice. This is a great product to use in restaurants or other large events.

7 lb. Bag of Mini Cubes

The 7 lb bag is what you find at your regular corner store or super market.

25 lb. Clear Block

Used for bulk cooling needs, the long-lasting 25 lb block always has good use for camping or ice chests.

Trailer Trailer Trailer

10.5 lb. Compressed Block

Our 10.5 lb crystal clear packaged block is best for chilling 5 gallon water coolers, because block ice lasts much longer than traditional cubed ice. It is very popular with construction, contracting, and service companies.

300 lb. Carving Block

Great for luge parties and ice carving. 10" X 21" X 46"

16 oz. Bottle Water

Available in a 24 pack.


Gallon Water Jug

Available in a 4 pack.







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